Friday, September 12, 2014

Pumpkin swap for Mary Lou's block swap group! Do I need to start a club???Salt Lake Fall class such fun!

The darling pumpkins above are by my friend Sandy Fisher. Aren't they are hoot???
So I have had a block swap group for a long time and we swap all kinds of stuff I dream up. This month it was pumpkins and they are so much fun!
I did mine and I have more and better ideas for next time I make these.
I got a couple of requests for a club Mary Lou and it might be a good idea.
For my swap block ladies, don't worry we will still keep our group!
I have too many ideas and not enough time!

Here is my new pin! Isn't it darling? I am selling them $5. or 3 for $10. I am also giving them away with any order of a book.
Soon I will have a Moose pattern for $12.50 and it will be free with those too. Really cute in person! All you have to do is go to something and where you write the note- tell me how many pins you want and that you do not want the product you ordered. :0) I fill the orders so I will know what you want (the pins) and I will send them out. Thank you for ordering-this money helps me pay my expenses.
Below was my inspiration!
I want to do a little Autumn booklet though it probably will not come out until spring because I had too much going on this year with Mark. It will be worth the wait. Look below! And I have more and better ideas to go along with these! :0) Also offer a Fall workshop for guilds and shops.
And below is my friend Camille's pumpkins for our swap-aren't they fun???

These make happy happy quilts! We have 14 people in the Mary Lou swap of pumpkins so there will be loads of variety. Cannot wait to get ahold of them and make a quilt! I wanna be happy and wanna make happy quilts!

Below is my friend Dwighta's quilt which was hanging at AQS in TN-it is wonderful and she made it in my Asilomar story quilt class last year-isn't she good with colors and design? Love this!

I know I shared this before but it still makes me laugh!

Have a good week, be kind and pay it forward in some way. Be what is right with this world. No pushing, no shoving and no unkind someone we all love to be around and you will be happier too! Love you friends.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cows that keep MOOving to the herd, Maxine,Mary Lou's Easy Piecing class plus Do a Story Quilt!

How is this for a cow quilt! A lady named Butch Bovan who lived not that far from me did this and also the one below! Isn't she a  great artist!
Look at the boots and the many great details in this quilt. Mel and I are hoping these two cows can join the herd! Awesome stuff.

This is also by Butch and her words and details make you laugh. She carves and paints and is really a fun artist! These are so different from the other cows. Great job Butch!
I have been talking about my Prada shoes. This isn't what normal people think of for Prada but back about 15 years ago when I was doing a gig in Kansas City, I went to Halls' and I fell in LOVE with these shoes! They were about $250. I thought that was nuts but I was earning money and so I bought them and I have worn them all the time since then I still love them. The money was well spent. :0)

O just created a ppieced witch that I will be showing as a pattern soon. You will LOVE it. She is adorable. The witch here is one of my story quilts...quite fun too.
If you have not taken a story quilt class from me you would love it and if you don't have one close by, set one with with your girlfriends. You need three days to five days. Lots of process and things to learn. VERY fun.

I heard from Kate Jones who lives in Door County- a place I longed to visit for it's beauty. It isn't going to happen because the powers that be do not want to spend the money. Boo hooo hoooo.
     Anyway, she had some Jane Sassaman fabric she needed to use for a challenge and so she used it here. If you read this program she has done, there are many clever cow ideas here! Love the colors, the cleverness and the Jane Sassaman fabric- she is an awesome designer.  Great job being creative and clever Kate!
I teach a class called easy piecing and we start with traditional blocks like those seen here and then go into Flowers and birds from Flower Power etc. Next year I will be doing a new booklet to replace both Hoochy Mama quilts and also Flower Power quilt and putting them into one book with hats and other cool things using this method! GREAT fun!

Thought I would leave you with something to smile about from Maxine and something to think about- get creative and be happy!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Well, I have had stacks and stacks of buildings and houses sitting around and yesterday Connie came over and we grabbed some of them and started sewing a neighborhood.  There is still more to do and we have another row that is in pieces and a nice border picked out to surround the while thing. I plan to do some embroidery and add buttons for flowers, some rick rack here and there and maybe a small bird or two. 

    Some of you in my block exchange will recognize YOUR house! I have both friend's houses and my houses and trees from the tree swap we did. The houses were smaller so the tall trees are put away with more houses and we will probably do those too.

    While looking through the vault of blocks and things to sew together we found some great Fall blocks I had forgotten about so those will be put together into a little wallhanging to take to Salt Lake and other places I travel.
It is so much fun sewing with a friend.

     We put some Pandora tunes on and we both just sew and invent and laugh. It is really fun and this won't just be an ordinary house after house quilt. It will be unique and happy and little surprises if you look!  It is those surprises that make sewing things like this fun. We both agree that to be surprised is delightful and so fun and we love this aspect of creating! Keep in mind this is only the beginning of this wallhanging and you will love it once it is done!
I am going to offer the quilt below as a workshop in Lancaster PA if they choose it for AQS.  It is a fun Flower Power class and I have some ideas for really fun pots if you would like to change them. Color makes these sing!
I a
This is the culmination of many swaps we did in my swap group. Rebecca Shafer my clever friend is putting hers all together. This would be a fun workshop if your guild might be interested.It would have to be at least two day
The leaf below is just one of the things I am using to build a nice little Fall Wall hanging...color and shape makes Fall images wonderful
More PARTS from my Fall Wallhanings...I actually have more parts than I need...isn't that nice? LOVE my crazy crows and owls...just wait until you girls see them!

This has been a lovely week for me and I feel a lottle Fall in the air even though it is still quite warm-my tomatoes are in abundance and the squirrels outside are digging up my yard hiding nuts and who knows what else -sigh. I do sleep better in the Fall and I love to take deep breaths of the air as I walk. I am thankful for many many blessings and you are on that list. Hope to see you this year or next for laughs and creating and fun! Let's explore and invent!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

STORIES in West Virginia! Come join the fun and just in time!!! ALSO a cow idea....

NOVember 2nd through 7th is my STORY QUILT Retreat in West Virginia at Cedar Creek in Ripley West Virginia. The beauty there is like no other place and we have a blast!
.I goofed and said I was doing a Christmas class when in fact it is a STORY QUILT CLASS.
I will be bringing some recipes  like my Aunt May's raisin cream pie which is delicious and my fajita recipe which also is wonderful and one night we have a kind of party and we all pitch in to buy cheese, breads, and good stuff-people bring wine and some people bring their favorite non alcoholic beverage. Every year our gurus of craft do a great demo on something really fun to make and they bring the stuff! Last year we had two or three great projects and I mean great! This year we have a button project that is going to be awesome and June always teaches us something that is know like I mean a good thing you will want to show friends and wear or show off. If you come bring buttons because she has lots to show! I will probably bring something fun for an idea. I will probably bring some kind of pattern to give out that is new and no one has seen! Bring a story about you or someone you love and let's turn it into a great quilt!!!
Please consider coming. West Virginia isn't that far for you girls who want me to come East!
(NOTE TO JULIEROSE_ this is why you take a class- I help you let go-ask others! The class is the best way to get OUT OF THE BOX!!! You would love it-honest

OR you might want to learn how to do free form birds ow maybe a cow you have in mind. Come and join the fun.
We have one in West Virginia if you live East and one in Truckee if you live West. Both are an easy plane ride.

Hope to see you in West Virginia.
Don't forget about the story quilt class in Tahoe if you are in the West!
For those of you who want a new cow idea, how about COWton Abbey or MOOnions (as in Minions)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Darling BIRDS- Great Polka Dots, Jason is an IronMan, Fun, Jennifer Sampou fabric and some treats at the end

Do you like color and whimsy and birds like I do? These birds were done by me and my friends in my block swap. I just sashed them in with my friend and neighbor Connie and it was alot of fun! This will look smashing on an entry wall in my home as a "WELCOME"! 

I am going to teach a workshop of birds starting Sept. I know for sure I will teach this in June next year for  It is a very fun and easy workshop and we laugh alot too!
 The dots I used for the sashing in Michael Miller dots. The colors were perfect and whimsical which I must have in what I work with!
If you would like to book a workshop , contact me at   We love color and we love fun! This makes for positive thinking and new friends!

 HELP!!!! I have started a project with this very old Jennifer Sampou dot from Robert Kaufman and these little strips is ALL I have left. Can you help me finish my quilt? I need at least a yard of any color way of this! Thank you friends!
I love Maxine because she is funny and tells the truth!
OK I admit it and I cannot let the fact go that my sweet son made Iron Man this weekend in Whistler BC, Canada. My Grandparents would have been thrilled as they were from BC and my husband Mark who died in May was there with him in spirit I know.

2 1/2 Miles swimming, 112 miles biking up steep mountain terrain and 26.2 miles running and all in less than 14 hours!
This kid had leukemia as  child and his knees were honeycombed and eaten away when he was diagnosed and his shoulder bone as eaten away as well. God was good since they misdiagnosed him for weeks and by the time they figured it out, his prognosis was terrible. God blessed him and us and today he is an Iron Man. I wish his Dad had been there at the finish line to hug him. I stayed home because I could not take another one- all I do is worry!
I am so proud and so happy that this NICE young man is an Iron Man!

 I love Maxine because she tells the truth whether it hurts or not-she is funny with the truth!
 A beautiful bouquet of sunflowers for you!
I ended with a good thought- Be NICE to everyone! It'll make friends and share the love- which we need!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Birds from Flower Book for Swaps and GREAT Quilts

As many of you know I have had a block swap group for years and we are back to trading birds with each other. Flower Power (my book) has lots of fun ideas for birds and bugs. I think that the birds I made above are my most favorite and I am making a whole quilt of these for workshops for guilds and cruises. They are easy and fun and you don't know what the bird will looks like until she is done! The blocks below were made by girlfriends in the swap. I have to find out who made which one. There are a dozen of us making birds. This will make for more fun quilts!

To order this fun book go to 
And to book a workshop contact Mary Lou at

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Colorful,Cool, Cowmedic COWS-they just keep popping up everywhere- Have you done one???

Fifi the cow is now complete! She was started by Kathleen below in my Asilomar workshop this spring. Isn't she magnifique!? Mel and I are hoping she is about to join the Cow Parade!

Rebecca from Nebraska has long done my kind of stuff and I love her choices of color and design-she is a wonderful quilter. Here is her Hoffman challenge for this year. FUN

Below is Lorraine's quilt -she lives in California and she is awesome and talented and fun and BUSY, always joining, taking classes, taking care of many animals and signing up here and there. This quilt was started in an orange county workshop. I love Lorraine's choice of color and design don't you? She came to the workshop on fire! So to speak....
Below is Lorraine's buddy and our favorite California quilter Pam Dransfeldt! Pam's middle name is Joy-really her middle name is JOY. This is a Christmas memory as she got a purple cow for Christmas one right?
Below is Mel's new Cow- she has done at least six-they are addictive! Really! This is the MOOterhorn quilt for Switzerland, haha. Great isn't it?

Below is a quick photo of me and Mel in Sister's Oregon by the cow display- great fun and lots of nice gals. The cow pattern is in our book "Out of the Box with Easy Blocks-" Available here-
Don't the Cows look great against this clock shop?
Below is a close up of Lorraine's Cow quilt from my workshop
Stephanie did this cow before she came to take the cow class in Arlington (Smokey Point, Wa) at Aunt Mary=s. I will be teaching there in February- some and join us please
Terry Jones LOVES  babies- one boy and one girl....isn't this great? She always knows how to change the cow pattern to be loads of fun!
 Below is a Christmas COW by Wendy who is alot of fun and did a great job! Mel has about 65 to 75 cow quilts right now that are always traveling. We require postage for the quilts and sales of a certain amount of the cow books. Everyone loves these COWS and they always bring more ideas and fun for people who haven't tried them yet!
My friend Mari Linfesty who I have known for years and years did this fun quilt called Bovine Intervention. Pretty clever I'd say! Pieced border is great too! Mari is alot of fun
Below is my buddy Michele who many of you may know. We always connect when we are both at Sisters-she is a doll!

Here I am standing in the HOT heat talking to quilting friends! Fun day with Mel
Below is a darling close up of Kathy Collins Vegie to see it hang and close up too- cool background

Close up of the Vegie quilt by Kathy Collins 
And below people crowd in to take many photos of the cows as they smile and laugh, very fun!

Two fun quilts by Terry and Sandi- brought lots of smiles and close up looks!  
I grabbed these two and asked for a photo-he asked why? I said they were the most FUN thing at the show- she was really cute and she made the outfits
 The quilt below had loads of people pointing and laughing. It is so clever and many pig lovers thought it was expecially wonderful! Barb Lambrecht is very clever! And a great quilter too!

Below is the Art DeCOW quilt that my dear neighbor Connie made- such fun! And it has lots of vintage jewelry on it too!
I hope you enjoyed this cow show- I have a cow from Dwighta to show you and some others that I will post soon. If you have not made a cow think about making one! We have an offer from a publisher to make a COW book- will be super fun and have lots of color in it!
 Thought I would share the humor too- the last one really made me laugh and a guy I went to high school with commented that it is probably GAS powered. Please comment on the cows if you love them like I do!
The cow is on the hood of the car because it is way below Zero and it is cold, haha

Have a wonderful week and count your many blessings!