Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kennewick Washington's Quilt show and Happy Spring!!!

HAPPY SPRING ! Who ever guessed you would have a happy Snowgirl welcoming you? Hee hee

Isn't this funny? I can so smell these wonderful crayons! When I was in grade school my Dad gave my brother and I $5. At the beginning of a two week trip to South Dakota and Yellowstone Park. I bought crayons and paper every single year to draw In the car. I loved it. Then with my leftover money I bought a small Indian doll (Native.) I always wished I had been born Native. ☺️ lots of drawings of animals and Indians, horses and Cowboys. 
        Isn't it great that we can remember things from our childhood that made us who we are today? Love learning about what makes me tick. ��
          This coming weekend I will be giving two lectures and showing my quilts to the quilters In Tri Cities Washington (Kennewick.) this is 2 & 1/2 hours South of Spokane. Many many talented quilters live there and the show is always wonderful. The show is at the convention center by the Red Lion and it is all day Friday and Saturday. I will be bringing a lot of books and fabric and new MaryLooney pins.  Hope to see you there and tell you something about being more creative and Out of the Box! I will have some cow quilts with me too! 
Frida Kahlo will be there (by Susan Typpi).
My hippie quilt is packed and ready to go.
Quilts are always more fun in person and these are large with many beads and details. Hope to see you There!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frida Kowhlo and other Delights

This wonderful cow is by Susan Typpi. It is called "Frida Kowhlo" and I think she is beautiful. The cows still keep coming!
This is the cow that started the whole thing and it is so aim next to Frida! This is "Purple Cow"

I have more cows to put on here but I need better photos. In the meantime, I thought you would enjoy this!
Below I think this is the truth and our purpose.
Below I put this photo on my should help as I know this lady could be me only with shorter hair.

The little quilt above is by my darling friend Jan from Tulsa who made this for a person who moved (MOOved)   Isn't it sweet? Like she is'
Have a lovely day friends!

My class students rocked it!!! Lancaster a great place to teach and learn!- Come take a Story Class with Mary Lou!

I taught my lettering class and students chose fun words! It was only three hours and when learning this it takes longer until you get the hang of creating your own letters. I love how Kelly above did her Hello." It waill be awesome quilted up!
Jam began the word Paris! What fun for a house on a wall or pillows. I suggested Bonjour and Merci next. Joila! Is really my favorite!
Out of the box blocks was a quilt class we clef Not your Grandmothers blocks. Pretty fun!
You notice these blocks matched a the smile made them even better!
Speaking of smiles this was in our flowerbposie class- she has one down and two to go. Love these - so many flowers so little time!
Above, this lady was from Quebec and she loved the fun of my wool folk art fish. Wait until she adds the beads and stitches. So much fun.
The fish above is mine.
A good start to a happy and colorful fish!
More fun samples from my Workshops.
How about the word "Irish" for fun?
24 students in a couple classes made for a busy day!
Wool of great colors everywhere along with pretty peeled cottons and awesome beads and buttons!
Such nice girls in my classes!
Speaking of fun classes, I am teaching my longer story quilt class in both West Virginia at Cedar Lakes Google and contact Gloria- the price is good and we have a well Lit classroom and rooms just down the hallway. Good provided and we usually do a snack and wine /or soda evening. Fun!
In May/June I will be doing five days of Story Quilts at North Carolina John C. Campbell folk school. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

If you Missed the Lancaster AQS show, you missed a lot!

The quilt below was fused with many pieces and wonderful floral quilting stitches!
The quilt below from Germany got best color! It has 24000 teeny Swarovski crystals on it and the quilting was just fabulous. It had a lot of painted pieces in it also. Fabulous!

Look at the color switches! Wonderful

Check out all of the hand painting on this and the fabulous quilting!
Just so beautiful in person

Below is a quilt by Robbi Eklow
The quilt below was outstanding for so many reasons. Quilting and points and appliqué. I judged the show with two other quilters and it was very tough!

Karen Kay Buckley was one of the quilt artists that made this awesome quilt. The quilt stitches were made into a plaid pattern! Beautiful with gold threads!
Look at the detail!

If you missed the Lancaster show you missed a lot!!! My camera blurs out the cards sometimes and I have no record of who did these but I know many of you will recognize these artists! Wonderful shop and glad I got to judge again. I am blessed
Thought I would share my new boyfriend. He is a strong silent type. Kept giving me the cold shoulder but I could see he liked me deep down.
Comments really appreciated!